by Asa Morris

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It's not you it's me.

Written and recorded between February 2012 and February 2013.



released May 1, 2013


© 2012 Asa Morris and Lofi-Kabuki Records



all rights reserved


Lo-Fi Kabuki Records Albany, New York

Lo-Fi Kabuki Records is an Upstate NY home for all things weird, experimental, harsh or beautiful.

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Track Name: Arson
Long straight lines ahead of me
Sun burning bright above me
burning up all behind me
burning down all that was me to the ground

to hell with it all

some day I'll be happy
and I'll have lots of money
and I'll live somewhere by the sea
someday I'll be happier with me

well I'd better be

what a fool I have been
I've never had the vision
to see what I was burning
to see what I was leaving behind me

what a fool I have been
Track Name: A Little Goddamned Space
I think I need a little space.
Just some time away from this place.
I'll go somewhere that really speaks to me,
to find out if it's you or if it's me.

A little goddamned space?
A little goddamned space?

I don't know how long I'll be gone,
or if I'm even coming back at all.
Should you wear your ring and wait around for me?
well If I come back and you expect to be with me.

A little goddamned space?
A little goddamned space?

Is that all? Is that all?
A little goddamned space?
Track Name: California
say you need some time
to try and clear your mind
maybe the coastline
will solve everything
you keep insisting
all that I'm missing
and you keep insisting
it's got to be there

what's in california?

now I wake up to
an empty house you
left a note for me
like it was a courtesy
I can't help but thinking
I've spent so long sinking
I never noticed
anything wrong
Track Name: Six Months at Sea
six months at sea and do you think of me
I think about nothing else
six months have gone now since you walked away
I hope you'll be coming back soon

but I think I know better

six months have gone now and nothing has changed
I don't know what you expect me to say
six months at sea and I can't face the day
I have no reason to breathe

so I keep making believe
I keep seeing what I want to see